Marie Claire and Marianne scored at the 2014 Magazine of the year awards

The evening April 16th was the night of Czech magazines. The Publishers Union announced the winners of each title categories. Marie Claire magazine got two biggest awards at once namely in categories “Magazines with sold circulation 15 - 25 000 copies” and “Star of 2014”. Marianne also upheld the first place from last year in category “Magazines with sold circulation 50 – 100 000 copies”.

It is told, that if you’re putting your heart into your work the success will follow. In Case of Marie Claire it is meant literally. Marie Claire has significantly prospered since the end of 2013 when Burda Praha has this title in portfolio. Comparing with 2013 the sold circulation of Marie Claire increased about whole 35% in 2014. The magazine strengthen it’s position on the Czech market and the readership increased about almost 50%.

“I’m very proud on my whole team who participates on the look of Marie Claire. I’m really happy that the efforts we all are putting into has been appreciated. For us it is the best motivation to keep being better and better”, says Lenka Fabian, EIC of Marie Claire.

The Marie Claire’s star still rises

The “Star of 2014” was ruled by Marie Claire as well. In this category only the results of the magazine’s sold circulation decide who’s the winner comparing to the other categories where the winner is declared by judges. The readership of Marie Claire increased to respectable 64 thousand, the sold circulation increased to more than 20 thousand and also the ad volume increased about 30% year on year. Based on these results Marie Claire became the fastest growing magazine on local market.

 “In July it will be one year since I’ve joined the Marie Claire team. Already in that moment we had a clear goal: To be the best!  We have connected all of our strength and enthusiasm and today I’m very grateful and proud, we have achieved this in such a short time,” says Chiara Lucci, Burda Praha publisher.

Marianne upheld the last year win

Marianne magazine is considered as one of the most respected and favourite magazines with an original Czech concept on the market. Marianne won in the category “Magazine with sold circulation 50 – 100 000 copies” and proved for the second time it is the starring centerpiece among women lifestyle titles.
“I’m excited. Marianne has the reputation of an intelligent, inspiring and helpful magazine for confident women knowing what they want. I’m glad it remains holding it’s reputation,” says publisher Amalia Balsa.

Compared to the other magazines Marianne is different especially due the amount of inspirational interviews and intelligent topics from various areas of life. You won’t miss humour and sort of perspective even. Also fashion and beauty are an obvious part of the magazine introduced on a high level.

“I’m glad, Marianne could upheld last year win the more we celebrate 15 years from Marianne launch. Marianne’s high sales and reach (180 000) proves the readers value the quality content we are bringing each month”, says Petra Svecova, Marianne EIC.

“Burda Praha became the absolute winner of the “Magazine of the year 2014“ awards with three nominations turned. Behind those results there is publisher’s know how in producing unique content, this fact simply confirms Burda’s leader position in lifestyle segment on the Czech market,” adds Petra Fundova, CEO of Burda Praha.