Lifestyle magazines for women

ELLE magazine needs no introduction. For more than twenty-five years, it has been a comprehensive lifestyle guide for confident, ambitious women who know how to appreciate quality. In the pages of ELLE, you will not only find fashion, cosmetics and news from art, culture, design and new technologies, but you will also expand your knowledge of current affairs, relationships and psychology. ELLE will also show you how to develop your full professional potential. It does not dictate anything to its readers, on the contrary: it helps them to find their own distinctive style, inspires them, motivates them, awakens their creativity and strengthens their visual sense. ELLE is published in over forty countries and is the best-selling luxury fashion magazine in the world and in this country.

Marianne is a modern magazine for adult women who know what they want. They have a profession, a family and interests. They know why a solid background or friendship is important and why sometimes it is necessary to stop and start all over again. Marianne brings you exclusive interviews not only with celebrities but also with interesting personalities from across the social spectrum. Plus plenty of inspiration when it comes to fashion, beauty, decor and cooking. Marianne's manual for a beautiful and happy life. Who reads Marianne is always in the know!

Svět ženy is a lifestyle magazine designed for readers who like to enjoy life. Svět ženy will excite, delight and inspire them with its content. Its concept is unique. Every month it brings an interview with a popular Czech celebrity, features of famous personalities and current topics and reports reflecting the world we live in. There are also stories from life, which are very popular. Readers will also find news from the world of fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle in the magazine, as well as interesting facts from the field of interior design, travel and gastronomy.

The only fashion magazine with more than 50 years of existence on the European market, which, thanks to its unique concept, is considered a phenomenon and an authority at the same time. Month after month, Burda Style presents the latest trends in world fashion, but in addition, it also provides its readers with original patterns that they can use to make their own models. But Burda Style is more than just a fashion magazine, it is also a magazine dealing with topics close to the contemporary woman. It regularly focuses on health, reports on cosmetic news, introduces prominent personalities from the world of fashion, helps with the selection of fashion accessories, invites to the dinner table, etc.