Leisure, housing and garden magazines

Apetit magazine is written with real taste and is aimed at a new generation of women and men for whom cooking is more of a hobby and social pastime than a necessity. Although every page is about cooking, the overall concept of the magazine reflects the lifestyle. Apetit offers original recipes, introduces readers to news from the world of gastronomy and teaches them not to be afraid of cooking. The high quality of the photos guarantees that the mere sight of them will make readers salivate. When cooking with Apetit, the reader will see that every recipe works and the result looks exactly like the photo in the magazine. The magazine's editorial office is equipped with a professional kitchen where the recipes are tuned to perfection. In addition to the editors, selected readers also become test cooks.

Marianne Bydlení is the only housing magazine on the Czech market that deals with the real interiors of its readers as part of the Proměny project. The editorial team is made up of professional interior architects who respect both the individual lifestyle of each client and their financial possibilities. The result of their work is a professionally designed interior that can be an inspiration for others, as well as an authentic reportage of the transformation that is unparalleled in any of the competing housing magazines.

Elle Decoration is a unique title presenting design trends and news, stylish interiors, architecture, fine art and interesting personalities from these fields. It is now in its sixth year on the Czech market and belongs to a family of magazines of the same name and focus published in 25 countries around the world. It is the only magazine of its kind in the Czech Republic. It has a positive and growing response in professional circles, among the professional public and ordinary readers. It also enjoys a stable response from advertisers. Its strong asset is the background of the prestigious world brand Elle. For the latest news, visit ELLE Decoration Czech repbulic on Facebook.

Marianne Venkov a styl is the only magazine on the Czech market that focuses on the most beautiful aspects of the Czech countryside in style. Its content captures village life from all aspects - from housing, gardens and travel tips to animal husbandry, traditional crafts, children's games and recipes using regional ingredients.  With a large format and content built around full-page photographs, active people looking to escape the city, pet lovers or children who simply love picture magazines will find interesting information here.

The magazine focuses mainly on ornamental gardens, but also covers balconies, terraces and houseplants. Photographs and drawings introduce the readers to the most beautiful Czech and international gardens, practical instructions help with garden landscaping and plant cultivation. Every month, AZ magazine clearly informs what is most important in the garden, outside the windows and in the greenhouse.