Respected portal dedicated to food, linked to strong brand of print magazine • One of the most popular websites on the Czech market focused on food. It contains a large database of recipes and topics about high quality yet available food.
Chip.cz is a website about computer technology • Web focuses on the technical side of HW, SW, mobile phones and operating systems. It provides current information about the IT sector to its visitors.
Leading, luxury portal specializing in fashion trends and beauty • Major player in the field of women's magazines. Very attractive for the VIP target group
Hrej.cz is currently one of the most visited Czech gaming sites on the internet, dedicated to IT and electronic news • It offers daily updated database of free video games, current reviews, articles from the game world and trailers.
The blog brings daily inspiration, following fashion trends and news from the life of celebrities • It covers not only fashion, but also cosmetics, housing and travel. It gives the readers advice in the field of personal styling, fashion and beauty.  
Joyonline.cz is the style of modern women • It contains news from the world of celebrities and fashion and advice on how to be beautiful and fit.
Leading, luxury portal specializing in lifestyle of women over thirty• Marianne.cz is a reliable friend with rich life experience, alway
Fashion magazine with a substance and character for a reader with a definite sense of style and a point of view
The male lifestyle web • Range of topics includes modern life, sex, technology, cars, humour and politics. Everything is pleasantly readable and written in a sarcastic style.
Content of poslirecept.cz consists of recipes from users • Pošli recept! is a website designed for all cooking fans. It consists entirely of the readers' recipes. It also brings interesting and useful tips.
Svetzeny.cz is a website with a very elegant and modern product solutions and design • It offers topics from all spheres of life to its readers. The readers find here not only useful hints, tips and inspiration, but also interesting reading thanks to the stories.