Marianne DAYS

About project: 

The most popular shopping event in the Czech Republic, with more than 20 years of tradition, offers a wealth of discount offers on products and services from our partners in all segments. Since 2021, we have been organising this popular shopping event twice a year, always in spring (April) and autumn (September).

  • Discount coupons are available in Marianne and Marianne Bydlení magazines and in the Marianne DAYS app, which grows in popularity every year, especially among younger generations. 

  • Customers receive exclusive gifts for their purchases, which they can collect together with a special Marianne DAYS bag in our Marianne Lounges in selected shopping centres throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • We also organise Marianne DAYS in Slovakia, with growing popularity.

  • The whole event is accompanied by an extensive communication campaign, which includes traditional media, social networks and cooperation with influencers.

Dates of event: 12.–15. 4. 2024 (ČR, SR) a 13.–16. 9. 2024 (ČR), 20.-23. 9. 2024 (SR)
Project Manager: Hana Jandusová, hana.jandusova [at]

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