Selection procedure

Each selection procedure may vary depending on the type of position, which means on the specific scope of work, responsibilities, professional qualification, etc. Below we outline how the selection process usually takes place in Burda Praha:


After collecting a sufficient number of CVs we judge according to candidate profiles for the eligible position. Candidates who best meet our requirements are first addressed by the HR department through a short telephone interview. Part of the preselection may also be the execution of a case study, which is later presented by the candidate within a personal interview.

Personal interviews

Successful candidates who emerge from the preselection are invited for personal interviews. Depending on the eligible position, this part of the selection procedure is usually divided in two parts. During the personal interview you are going to meet the head of the given department and an HR representative. Part of the personal interview may also be a separate task execution, testing hard/soft skills and language abilities. Candidates are always informed about a non-standard-length interview. At the end of the selection procedure, in case of managerial positions, candidates will meet with the CEO Petra Fundová.

Completion of the selection procedure

The victorious candidate is notified by the telephone and offered a position. After its acceptance, the victorious candidate receives a letter of intent, a written job offer, which summarizes all the conditions that were agreed during the selection procedure. After mutual acceptance of the letter of intent, contracts and accompanying documentation are prepared. Candidates who have not been selected are informed by e-mail or by the telephone within one week after the conclusion of the selection procedure. After approval, it is possible to categorize the candidate profile in an internal database of potential candidates who are, in case of finding a suitable position within the Burda Praha, preferably contacted. You can find currently vacant positions in the section Vacancies. In case you are not interested in any displayed position and yet you would like to work in our company you can reach us at the address nabor [at] and send as your CV along with a cover letter and information about what kind of work you would be interested in.