Apetit 12/2022

About the title


Magazine Apetit is written with taste and is dedicated to the new generation of women and men, for whom cooking is more of a hobby and social fun than necessity.

Even though all pages are about cooking in core it is a magazine about life style. Apetit brings original recipes, introduces hot news from gastronomic world and teaches how to cook without fear. When cooking with Apetit the reader can make sure that each recipe works and the final result looks just like the photo in the magazine. The editorial office is equipped with a professional kitchen and all the recipes are fine tuned here. Besides our editorial team even the Apetit readers can become featured chefs in the magazine.




Apetit Book 1/2021

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Apetit - Český speciál

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Apetit Český speciál 2/2021 2/2021

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