Burda Style 10/2022

About the title


It is the only magazine about fashion with more than 50 years of existence on the European market. Burda is considered to be a phenomenon and authority at the same time thanks to its unique concept. It presents the most current global fashion trends month after month. It also provides its readers with original sewing patterns. Burda is more than just a fashion journal, it is also a magazine addressing topics that are interesting to contemporary women. It regularly publishes articles about health and informs about cosmetic news. Burda introduces distinctive personalities from the world of fashion, helps with the selection of accessories and invites to a set table... 




Burda speciál 10/2022 - Burda Easy 3/2022

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Burda speciál 03/2022 - Burda Kids 1/2022

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Burda speciál 02/2022 - Burda Pletení

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Burda Style speciál - Best of 2/2022

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