Katka Číselné křížovky 2/2024

About the title


Numerical crossword puzzles cater for the rapidly growing interest in this type of puzzles, in which in order to solve the puzzle it is necessary to first assign digits with letters, then compose words from them.
Numerical crossword is gaining increasing popularity because it does not require filling in handwritten expressions based on the legend, the solution is not found in dictionaries or other sources, but you just have to rely on logical reasoning. Additionally, puzzle solver becomes a sort of co-creator of the crossword puzzles. Katka numerical crosswords, the only magazine composed purely of numerical puzzles, brings intriguing reading topics: How were countries created and developed; Where did plants and animals come from; The secrets of the oceans; What we know about the Homo sapiens; The great mysteries of the past; travel; recipes and much more.
Successful puzzle solvers can win attractive cash prizes.