What is CHIP?
A monthly information and digital technology magazine that focuses on the practical needs of end users.

What is CHIP about?
News from the world of IT, benchmarking, practical techniques and tips, reports, rankings of IT components and consumer electronics.

Who reads CHIP?
Predominantly men aged 25-55 with secondary and higher education, higher incomes, who closely follow new tech trends They often make purchasing decisions about IT equipment at home and at work.

What makes CHIP unique?
The most widely read and best-selling information and digital technology magazine in the country. It has a regular electronic supplement in the form of a DVD with valuable full versions of programs.

Peridocity: monthly
On the market from: 1991
Readership: 75 000
Sold copies: 20 500
Target group: men 25-55 

Source: Media projekt, 07/2022-06/2023; readership per issue , ABC ČR , 07/2022-06/2023, average per issue



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