What is Apetit about?
It is a magazine about cooking and food as a life style. It has more than 20 000 subscribers.

About what are we writing?
The core of this magazine is to have fun while your are cooking. Recipes are described in such an easy way that everybody can cook according to them, beginners as well. We are giving them courage to start with advanced recipes cooking.

All recipes were tested in our editorial kitchen. We are also testing different kinds of products for our readers (ingredients, kitchen equipment and tools) and we also bring hot news from the gastronomic world. Magazine Apetit is the trendsetter.

Who reads Apetit?
Women and men age 25-45, modern and educated, with a passion for cooking.

Why is Apetit unique?
Apetit magazine is the most read food magazine (price above 30 CZK) and the only one magazine awarded by the Union of Publishers 5 times in period 2004-2010 on the Czech market.

Periodicity: monthly
Since: 2004
Readership: 139 000
Circulation: 35 800
Target group: men, women 25-45 years, ABC1

Source: Media projekt, 07/2022-06/2023; readership per issue; ABC CR, 07/2022-06/2023, average per issue



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