Marianne Bydlení

What is Marianne Bydlení?
A magazine that loves its readers and wants to please everyone who likes to live nicely. There is plenty to read and photograph: two authentic home makeovers, some good ideas including how-to guides, at least two reports from visits to people who have furnished their homes not only with love but also cleverly, and last but not least, practices that come in handy for practical home maintenance.

What is Marianne Bydlení about?
Change is life. A motto that underpins the unique and long-standing project of Transformation, which makes Marianne Bydlení exceptional. In this project, the editorial team and its collaborators change the interiors of their readers and thus their lives. The friendly and instructive magazine is full of inspiration, expert advice or news on the Czech market.

Who reads Marianne Bydlení?
Women aged 25-45 who are educated, creative, active and furnishing or changing their home.

What makes Marianne Bydlení unique?
The unique project Proměny was and is the first 'reality show' about housing to appear in the Czech media.

Periodicity: monthly
On the market from: 2004
Readership: 84 000
Circulation: 19 300 
Target group: women 25 - 45, ABC1

Source: Media projekt, 07/2022-06/2023; readership per issue, ABC ČR, 07/2022-06/2023, average per issue
Sales dpt. contact information ZDE – TEAM FOOD, HOME AND ICT