What's Marianne?
The best-selling and most-read lifestyle magazine for women over thirty. The original project of BURDA Media 2000.

What is Marianne about?
Life begins at thirty. Women in their thirties already know what's important to them and are looking for harmony between career and family. Marianne, their best friend, helps them to do just that. A friend who is not interested in celebrities, but in inspiring personalities, interesting facts about the world and life, intelligently presented fashion and cosmetics.

Who reads Marianne?
Women between the ages of 25-50 who already know what they want and have above-standard incomes.

What makes Marianne unique?
The most widely read monthly lifestyle magazine for women (aged 30+). More than 20 years on the market.

Periodicity: monthly
On the market from: 2000
Readership: 191 000
Circulation: 48 300
Target group: women 25-50 years old

Source: Media projekt, 07/2022-06/2023; readership per issue, ABC ČR, 07/2022-06/2023, average per issue

Contanct on the sales dpt. ZDE – TEAM LIFESTYLE