What is ELLE?
The world's best-selling fashion magazine, a global brand. A comprehensive lifestyle guide.

What is ELLE about?
Inspiration. Haute couture. The indispensable compass for the fashion world. ELLE is a magazine that speaks to its readers through fantasy and images. It strongly influences their fashion style, their creativity, their visual sensibility - their entire lifestyle and their buying behaviour. There is no shortage of fashion, cosmetics, personalities, travel, design and technology.

Who reads ELLE?
Financially secure women aged 25-45 who are single, educated and ambitious.

What makes ELLE unique?
It sets the direction of fashion in the world and in our country (43 editions, in our country since 1994). The second most read and second best-selling lifestyle magazine for women on the Czech market. It has twice won the Magazine of the Year award (Publishers' Union, 2004, 2007).

Periodicity: monthly
On the market from: 1994
Readership: 114 000
Circulation: 30 900
Target group: women from 25-45

Source: Media projekt, 07/2022-06/2023; čtenost na vydání, ABC ČR, 07/2022-06/2023, average per issue

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